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Money Insurance

Money is always susceptible to mishaps such as burglary and the like. To protect against this risk, “Money Insurance Cover” may be purchased. 

Money shall mean cash, notes, cheques, securities, stamps and the like.

This cover is available against risks whilst; 
  • In transit from premises to bank and vice versa.
  • In a safe, in office premises.
  • Out of the safe during working hours.
  • In a Banks’ safe.
  • In the care & custody of company’s designated staff.
  • Other Extensions incidental to Money Insurance can also be provided. These can be tailor made to the exact requirements of the customer.
In granting the “Money Insurance Cover”, the following factors are taken into consideration:
  • Estimated annual carrying
  • Maximum limit for any one carrying
  • Maximum limit for safe-keeping at any given time.
The premiums are calculated on the estimated annual carryings and amount of money in the safe or on the premises. Furthermore the premiums are based on the nature of the business, location and the security measures in place. For a thorough understanding of the product, please refer to our standard policy terms and conditions.  Exclusions under the policy are;
  • Theft by own employee.
  • Money out of safe.
  • Loss of premises following use of key, unless, key is obtained violent behavior of threats.
  • Shortage due to errors of omission and commission.
  • War and like activities.
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