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Securing our Future Together

The UAE is a central point having best of the East and West, over the time it has become the kind of hub that allows SALAMA to nurture and access international workforce to operate up to international standards. Takaful is about dealing with the changing attitude of Muslims on religious or faith grounds, so UAE is a good platform for Shari’ah compliant Takaful solutions. As the country grows and develops, keeping track of the changes is essential and Muslims in UAE today stress on Shari’ah-compliant products and services, which allows us to deliver the best to the best.

SALAMA is UAE’s specialized Takaful company and is one of the few Takaful operators offering comprehensive range of General, Family and Health Takaful solutions to Individual, families and companies. Our credibility, reputation for quality, high standards of service and access to the Takaful’s best practices mean that SALAMA is uniquely placed to provide access to quality and affordable Takaful solutions. As SALAMA continues to expand its customer base we are dedicated to become the Takaful operator of choice. Personalized service, customer dedication and development of Shari’ah compliant products that fulfil our customers’ needs are just some of the new promises that we are making.




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