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Investment Plans

Your investment planning depends on the stage of life you are in, your risk appetite and readiness to part with liquidity. Your investment should work as hard as you or more to provide you with the growth that you desire hence it is important to invest time in understanding and customizing your plan before investing money.


MOMAYAZ – THE UNIQUE INVESTMENT PLAN is a great way to manage and grow your wealth with the much required expertise that aids to navigate the investment world with ease and security. It is a single contribution Investment Plan that helps in managing and enhancing your wealth in the most convenient way. It offers wide range of Sharia’h Compliant funds to choose from. This Plan works in simple yet effective way and provides flexibility, security and growth potential essential for your investment.


  •  One time investment
  •  Provides varied choice of funds based on your risk appetite
  •  Flexibility to make partial withdrawals during the term of the plan
  •  Includes Family Takaful Benefit
  •  Choice of two currencies USD and AED
  •  Competitive Charge Structure
  •  Customize your Plan as long term or medium term investment
  •  100% Allocation Rate
  •  Loyalty Bonus


  •  Minimum Single Contribution AED 100,000 or USD equivalent
  •  Maximum Contribution – No limit
  •  Family Takaful Cover of 101% of the Single Contribution amount
  •  Entry Age 18 – 74 years
  •  Maximum Age at Maturity– 85 Years
  •  Plan can be owned by an Individual or Corporate entity
  •  Additional Contribution can be paid subject to a minimum of AED 50,000 or USD equivalent and No Maximum limit
  •  Zero charge for fund switch
  •  Regular withdrawals are also available
  •  Free Look period of 30 days from issue date