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Saving Plans

A penny saved is a penny earned. Savings require more than planning and budgeting. It requires a discipline that supports the habit of keeping aside funds for future on regular basis. You may be planning to create a pool of fund for future financial goals such as Marriage, Child Education, Retirement or for any other major life goal which requires you to save regularly. As you work hard for your dreams your savings should work hard for you and with the right savings plan you get the flexibility and convenience to make changes as your life circumstances changes.


Savings can be tedious especially when you are planning for specific future goals like marriage, child’s education, retirement or any other dream. You need a plan that work for you and along with you. Idikhar Plus gives a boost to your savings on day one by giving you an upfront bonus, making it possible to save regularly and grow you savings continuously. A hassle free plan that helps you Save, Invest and Grow your wealth.


  •  Upfront Bonus Allocation upto 75% of 1st year Annual Contribution
  •  Built In Terminal Illness with Family Takaful Benefit
  •  Plan start with a minimum contribution of USD150 or AED 500 on monthly basis
  •  Charge Free Partial Withdrawal
  •  High Maturity Value
  •  Loyalty Bonus from 3rd year onwards
  •  Offers a wide range of Additional Optional Benefits such as;
    • Accidental Death
    • Permanent and Total Disability
    • Critical Illness
    • Family Income Benefit
    • Hospital Cash benefit
    • Waiver of Contribution
    • Accidental Total or Partial Permanent Disability
  •  Higher Entry age – Up to 74 years
  •  Contribution Holiday for a maximum period of one year
  •  Customize your investment with your choice of Funds or choose SALAMA investment Strategy


  •  Entry Age 18 – 74 years
  •  Contribution term – 5 to 25 years
  •  Zero Charges for switching of funds
  •  Flexibility with full and partial encashment
  •  Flexibility to change your contribution level
  •  Contribution payment in your choice of currency UAE Dirham or US Dollar
  •  You may choose to pay a Regular monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly contribution
  •  The Plan can be owned by an Individual or a Corporate Entity.
  •  Single Contribution as lump sum can be paid in addition to Regular Contribution at any time during the life of Plan.
  •  The Plan offers Grace Period of 90 days
  •  The Plan can be reinstated within 12 months from the due Date of the last unpaid contribution, at the discretion of the Operator
  •  Free Look period of 30 days from issue date