DHA awards SALAMA the Participating Insurer status

DHA awards SALAMA the Participating Insurer status

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UAE, 20 January 2022: Islamic Arab Insurance Company, listed as “SALAMA” on DFM, announced that it has been awarded “Participating Insurer” (PI) status by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) with effect from January 01, 2022.

SALAMA’s selection as a Participating Insurer is following a thorough evaluation by DHA, which assesses the insurer’s ability to provide affordable insurance coverage, handle large volume of business, and deliver a high level of operational efficiency and customer service.

Commenting on SALAMA’s PI status, Chairman, Jassim Alseddiqi, said: “This is a huge achievement for SALAMA, and we are equally proud to be part of this great effort by DHA to ensure that low-income residents have access to quality insurance solutions that meet their needs, while improving the overall well-being of our community.”

SALAMA’s selection as a ‘Participating Insurer’ makes it among the 16 insurance companies in the UAE that can offer the ‘Essential Benefits Plan’ (EBP) under the Dubai Health Insurance Law No. 11 of 2013. EBP was created to ensure quality insurance protection to all Dubai Residents, especially for the segment of workers with a monthly income of AED 4,000 or less.

Currently, SALAMA is one of the leading digital insurers for enhanced medical plans with comprehensive coverage, thanks to its advanced digital capabilities. The evolution of SALAMA’s online customer journey makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes for standard plans, get the plan issued immediately and activate the health card instantly – all within 15 minutes from the comfort and safety of their home or office.

Fahim Al Shehhi, CEO of SALAMA, said: “As the company that brought Islamic insurance to the UAE more than 40 years ago, being accredited as a DHA ‘Participating Insurer’ is another opportunity for us to further our goal of making the benefits of quality Takaful solutions accessible to everyone, including the most vulnerable residents of our community.”

The EBP package covers many services including in-patient treatment at authorized hospitals, maternity, emergency, medical tests, referrals, medication etc. The package offers a maximum cover of AED 150,000 annually towards medical expenses. There are different products under this package which caters to all segments of the population including low salary band workers, dependents, and elderly parents. As mandated by DHA, Index rating will be between AED 550 – AED 750 for the LSB workers to ensure affordable care for all their medical needs. 

Over the past year, SALAMA has advanced its digitalization journey with the launch of a new “direct-to-customer” approach, offering its Islamic insurance solutions in health, automotive and home segments via digital channels. This digitized omnichannel approach provides customers with seamless access to essential insurance services at an affordable price, from the comfort and safety of their home or office through a quick, paperless onboarding.

SALAMA is also among the few Takaful companies to offer an end-to-end online policy issuance where customers can purchase their auto, health and home insurance online, make payments and have their policy issued within 10 minutes.

SALAMA stands as the largest sharia’h compliant Takaful operator with ‘AAA” capital adequacy rating as per S&P. SALAMA remains committed to serving partners and customers while enhancing shareholder returns in 2021 and beyond.


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